Arkansas Adventure

Rachel was the winner of my New Year Giveaway this year and I hit the gold with her & Noah. I messaged Rachel and asked her how far she was willing to travel & her response was "we are up for whatever ideas you have!". That is my favorite thing a client can tell me, it gives me freedom to create and I feel like the outcome is always way cooler than if I am working within strict guidelines. So, off to Ponca Arkansas we went. It is a super small down that has the Buffalo River running through it. Mostly occupied by floaters, hikers and straight up adventurers. I had a good laugh when I was pumping gas and noticed a sign for their population: 9. I found this gem when Adam, Mae & I were out exploring. We came out to the town a few times & hit some of the best sights. Rachel & Noah let me lead them on a day filled with adventure + love. It was so rewarding watching them admire the sights & see them explore together. They were laughing the entire time + I got some of the sweetest authentic images of them. This shoot is my favorite to the date & I am so eager to do another adventurous session in the future. It's actually inspired me to (in the future) come up with a package specifically designed for couples wanting to explore + get some rad photos. If you have an amazing spot that would look good on camera, hit me up & we can adventure together.

"This is like when you're on a roadtrip & you simply stop for a cool view" - Noah

b + w

y'all are groovy

wild elk

fallin for each other

unposed, authentic love.

wild embrace

I had to edit Maelynn out of this one -fun fact


I could actually post every waterfall photo.

unposed. simply checking out the view together

a traditional shot I always like to get

guide her, gracefully over the rocks.

effortlessly adventurous.


sandy, beach on the Buffalo

<-- close up!

3pm, BRIGHT Sun, still makes for some beauties

these bluffs run along the Buffalo River & are simply breathtaking.

this is a favorite of mine. It actually makes an appearance in my Bridal Magazine

they were playing patty cake...don't let them tell you otherwise.

the Buffalo River is actually turquoise

don't fall in!

till next time AR.