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a little about my why

understanding my process + why

trust me to find that magic in your everyday. trust me to wrangle your kids and that when they arent sitting perfectly, I am still getting beautiful shots that envelop their personality. trust that its not too dark out for the lighting. trust that your own home is photo ready- yes even in renovation or with 6 kids trampeling through. the more you trust me + my process, the more you will love the results.

will you get those everyone smiling at the camera shots? yes. will every frame look staged? no. bottom line is my art is messy, it captures emotion + evokes you in the moment of each photo. i give you galleries that are emotive + truly real. for this, you have to let go of the perfect. your kids wont always be happy, the sun may not always shine, there may be messes tucked in the corners of your home- but leave that all to me, that is my job to capture these things in a lovely way. I can find the beauty in the most mundane moments that are easily overlooked when they are your everyday.

i like to put it in this perspective: when you're flipping through a photo album of your grandparents + their children, imagine the images that will lead you to know most about them. you've never met your grandparents + you weren't there to see how your father grew up. all you have is a photo book to tell about who they were.

now imagine if that photo book was filled with perfect, smiling, stiff posed photos, taken in a bland park setting. what did you learn? what they looked like? thats it.

now imagine that book is filled with their Sunday morning routine. messy pancake making, grandma drinking coffee, the animals enjoying the chaos. you can see your father as a toddler climbing into the cabinets and your aunt helping mix the batter. then you see the children in their rooms, their interests decorating the walls. you learn your father loved airplanes and that your aunt had a knack for art. lets say the photos were taken at a park they spend lots of time, you see your father as a child on the slide, your aunt on your grandfathers shoulders pretending to be a bird. are you catching on?

tell your story, document honest personalities + messy, beautiful art. fill your photo books with snippets of your life.

i cant say I am the most consistent editor- and I think you will find to love that. i edit a gallery based on how it felt in the moment. if it was a slow, rainy day- your gallery may have a more romantic feel. if it was a session spent running down grassy hills in the sunshine, it will be bright + colorful. i am really inspired by vintage photos, cinematic moments + lots of adorable closeups of your littles. getting the details of hand holding, hair twirling + toes in the grass. sometimes there is grain + blur + just a whole lot of artistic touches that will bring you back to the moment you were in. if you are looking for a very standard + always crisp + bright look then I may not be the best fit for you.

The Family Collective

starting at $575

heirloom family galleries

Love Stories

starting at $500

for couples

Portraits + Creative Projects

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branding, seniors + creative projects

01. resonation

you've browsed sample galleries, connected with my work and resonate with my "why". we're a good fit + you're ready to reach out.

inquire under the "connect" tab & wait 2-4 days for a reply.

02. creative collaboration

we will discuss season, aesthetics + location, all the while getting to know you.

03. officially booked

you'll be sent a contract + invoice for a deposit. once received, your date will be secured.

i will offer an outfit guide to help you plan. a pre-session check in will be sent in questionnaire form or we can jump on a call!


Are the travel expenses included in your packages or covered additionally?

travel is applied for areas 30 minutes of the STL area. travel only offered for family sessions + elopements at this time.

Can my in laws jump in for a few shots?

i don't currently offer extended family sessions. for my process i have found that the best galleries are when we keep it intimate with just immediate family. my creative process doesnt flow well when there is a strict shot list.

How long does it take to recieve the photos + how will those be delivered?

~2-4 weeks for family collections & 5+ weeks for weddings

can our pets join in?

always, yes!