Connecting with Momma + Momma Earth

I spent a sunshine filled morning with Victoria + her babies this winter, where she so graciously agreed to share her littles for a morning of snuggles, exploration + sandy boots.

our location was a white sand dream, nestled in the hills of Missouri. the sandy shore lined a small turqouise pond and boasted a border of rock shelves- the perfect area for little hands to dig + play.

Opal + Vern, the oldest two, took no time to get acquainted with their surroundings and took to digging in some of the pastel pink sand. all the while little Eddie clung to her momma and only let free to admire a flock of geese that left the beach for greener pastures. Or when she was led hand in hand by her protective big brother.

I allowed our time together to be slow, yet intentional. Prompting the littles to explore the water and hold their momma. it was playtime, but more than that it showed just how important their connection with Victoria was as she was their constant safe space in the new environment shared with my camera totting self.