Your place to find updated time slots for STL fall minis. This blog is updated instantly when a spot is booked. Details provided here as well for those who have booked!


Route 66 park eureka, MO

When you enter the park you will want to go to the very last parking lot. It will be on your right. This lot is the only one next to a playground. Go to the end, around the round a bout and find yourself a spot. Park towards the back of the lot and we will be shooting in the golden field. As always, call if you have any troubles.

Style Tips

Fall aesthetic

For a fall vibe. Check out the left for some coloring ideas.
The family you see pictured on this blog post has some great tips hidden within their wardrobe. Flowy for little girls is great for twirls. A bold dress for momma to stand out. Dad can keep it simple in some denim + maybe a cool tan or leather jacket. Throw in some accessories for the little guy like suspenders or a felt hat. A mixture of textures such as velvet, linen, denim etc. Button down skirts, with a minimalistic graphic tee for teens.

Prop List

some added detail

I will have the option for you to use a setup I am providing. Keep in mind that this is optional and you are always welcome to bring some props of your own, or just use the scenery around you. All props pictured to the left.
-6' pampas
-pumpkins (white + orange mixture of varying sizes)
-greenery crown for baby/toddlers
-womens tan, felt wide brim hat
-mini pampas/dried grass bouquet

what to expect


Let's make the most of your time.
Some tips to prep for your mini session.

> get there early. 5 minutes early is ideal that way you are all ready to roll when it's your time slot.

> Have all your props out & ready to roll. If you're incorporating things make sure you have them prepared. Keep in mind I will have the props listed above available for use, but have in mind what you want to borrow beforehand.

> For little ones: have snacks or a favorite toy that I can use to get some smiles!