Gab + Luke Cliffside

Eloping- the modern era

In the past eloping was seen as sneaky, rushed and without a lot of meaning- & I'm here to tell you what eloping looks like in 2021.

After COVID struck, so many brides were torn between pushing their wedding off to a further date, cancelling, cutting the guest list down, it was all honestly a chaotic mess. Thats where eloping came into play & has actually altered the wedding industry. Many brides saw this as a chance to go somewhere meaningful, remote & romantic with their significant other to tie the knot

So what does a modern elopement look like?

Take a peek at the time I spent with Luke + Gab.

A snowy fairytale elopement in castle ruins.

So what does a modern elopement look like?

Take a peek at the time I spent with Luke + Gab.

A snowy fairytale elopement in castle ruins.

An elopement does not mean you have to cut out the beautiful decor. It does not mean you cannot celebrate with friends & family. It does not mean you cannot pop some bubbly or enjoy a first dance. The beauty about elopements is there is NO rules. It is YOUR day, and you can create something tailored perfectly to the relationship you share with your partner. In fact, for most elopements the cost you cut out in serving hundreds of guest & decorating a massive venue you can put a little more $$ into your dress or specialized decor. There are numerous ways to add a special touch to your day & if logistics are overwhelming consider a wedding planner to style your day for you. Jenna with Cue the Confetti Events created a dreamy picnic in the snow for Luke + Gab and Rosie with Fleur Floral set up a breathtaking floral installment.

Destination elopements are in full swing, but don't think you need an epic spot to make your day special. If you guys have a love story that took place in a park, or spent countless hours at a favorite local restaurant, then incorporate those things. If you do want an epic spot but are unsure of any in your area then reach out- every state has so many hidden gems in their conservation areas. Again I will refer you to Luke + Gab, their shoot was a dreamy fairytale that took place in the middle of rural MO in castle ruins.

I think one of the biggest detering factors from eloping is upsetting friends + family. As much as I could tell you "its your day its not about them" I know from my experience as a bride that even if my whole heart wanted to elope in HI I wouldn't dream of crushing my mom's wishes to watch me get married over that. You can definitely have a small group of family/friends join in on your elopement. Once you start getting past 15 guests I would consider this a micro wedding (which is the perfect mix between eloping and a large scale wedding). But if parents of the bride + groom want to tag along that is totally an acceptable thing- remember how I said there are no rules! You can even create a timeline that gives you guys a chance to run around getting photos & have a time to yourself and then encourage family and friends to meet you somewhere immediately afterwards to celebrate such as a local restaurant. If you have a big family or members who you want to see you get married but maybe not attend the elopement then an elopement video will be your best friend. Anastasia with Rose Gold Films created a stunning highlight film for Gab + Luke's shoot (located further down in this blog post). Then you can pass along to family members and they can relive those special moments over and over.

Below you will find the film created by Anastasiya with Rose Gold Films.

See more of her work on her Vimeo

& her website for more details + contact

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Vendor Spotlight

Below I have linked each image with the website for the vendors that helped create this fairytale. Checkout what they contributed and click the photo if you're interested in hiring them to create your own fairytale.

Cue the Confetti Event Planner

Fleur Floral Studio

Gracie Stone Jewerly

Eros Studios Social Stationary

Gabrielle Moses + Luke Hollingstead

Dress- Olivia's Rentals

Hair- Angelika IG:@angelikbeauty_

Makeup- Marisol Orellana

Sugar Leaf Bakery Cafe

Crown + Video - Rose Gold Films

Eventful Rental

Necklace + Earrings Target